"Texas, by God"
and the
Martha Fanning
more Welch /Welsh
Tue Jul 24, 2018 23:39

I believe this is my ancestor.

Notes for John Welch: He was born 1753 at Ninety Six, South Carolina. His father was James Welch (b.c.1720 Ireland) who was a pack-horseman for Indian trader James Beamer in the early 1750's. He lived at Estatoe Village (in what is now Oconee County) in upper South Carolina. The mother of John Welch was an unnamed Cherokee woman, probably a half breed. His father supplied horses to Fort Loudon in 1756 and served in the militia. He was arrested by James Francis of Ninety Six in 1759 and was a soldier during the Cherokee War (1760-1761). He was alive in 1797, living among the Cherokee (unless this was James Welch Jr.). John Welch and his brother Thomas Welch were among the Tories captured with Richard Pearis in the Snow Campaign at Ninety Six in December 1775. John Welch (b.1753) married Betsy, a daughter of John Emory and chose to live among the Cherokee. Many Loyalist families lived with the tribe during the war for mutual protection. ("Old John Hembree" Third Draft by Larry Petrisky)

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