"Texas, by God"
and the
    • Looking forwardDavid, Sun Jul 29 14:39
      to this Bob; thanks for posting. Can't believe it was 2006 when the series ended. 12 years? Seems like only yesterday (or maybe a couple of years); where does the time go? I still remember talking to ... more
    • The plot thickens on this day 1876K.t.K., Sun Jul 29 11:57
      A dozen-men clique headquartered at a den on Lee Street, Deadwood, called Adolphia, do their thing in regards the assassination of Wild Bill Hickok (39). This would take place in four days. "Leader... more
      • Good stuff, Kenny (nm)James Wright, Mon Jul 30 16:30
      • I had never David, Sun Jul 29 14:41
        heard this before. Thanks Kenny. David
        • Lorenzo Butler HickokK.t.K., Sun Jul 29 20:00
          Of course McCall's trial at Deadwood was rigged by the underworld clique, as attested to by Seth Bullock and a half dozen other sources. Jack was acquitted very quickly the day after killing Hickok,... more
          • Thank you, Kenny (nm)James Wright, Mon Jul 30 16:32
          • Great update;David, Mon Jul 30 13:21
            thanks Kenny. David PS - when is your book on Wild Bill coming out?
            • Hickok has been written over and over.K.t.K., Mon Jul 30 17:32
              My book on Johnny Varnes (47 pages) was completed about four years ago after I acquired his burial records. It also has a lot about his brothers in it.
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