"Texas, by God"
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The plot thickens on this day 1876
Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:57

A dozen-men clique headquartered at a den on Lee Street, Deadwood, called Adolphia, do their thing in regards the assassination of Wild Bill Hickok (39). This would take place in four days. "Leader of them all" was Wm. "Nutshell Billy" Nuttall (38), with "Ten-Die" Brown (32)- "big and burly" with a cadre of sharpers who staged their :sure-thing games and outright extortion.
$700 was the price allotted to the assassin Jack McCall (25). The money would be given him by John P. "Cold Deck Johnny" Varnes (26).
Soon afterwards the Adolphia changed names to 'The Melodeon,' which became headquarters for Doc Baggs in 1877.

  • ‘Deadwood’ Movie Gets Greenlight at HBOBob Cash, Sat Jul 28 17:26
    • Looking forwardDavid, Sun Jul 29 14:39
      to this Bob; thanks for posting. Can't believe it was 2006 when the series ended. 12 years? Seems like only yesterday (or maybe a couple of years); where does the time go? I still remember talking to ... more
    • The plot thickens on this day 1876 — K.t.K., Sun Jul 29 11:57
      • Good stuff, Kenny (nm)James Wright, Mon Jul 30 16:30
      • I had never David, Sun Jul 29 14:41
        heard this before. Thanks Kenny. David
        • Lorenzo Butler HickokK.t.K., Sun Jul 29 20:00
          Of course McCall's trial at Deadwood was rigged by the underworld clique, as attested to by Seth Bullock and a half dozen other sources. Jack was acquitted very quickly the day after killing Hickok,... more
          • Thank you, Kenny (nm)James Wright, Mon Jul 30 16:32
          • Great update;David, Mon Jul 30 13:21
            thanks Kenny. David PS - when is your book on Wild Bill coming out?
            • Hickok has been written over and over.K.t.K., Mon Jul 30 17:32
              My book on Johnny Varnes (47 pages) was completed about four years ago after I acquired his burial records. It also has a lot about his brothers in it.
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