"Texas, by God"
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  • Lucien MarcRobert Buckley, Tue Jul 31 06:34
    The wrestling matches in Colorado and Arizona during this time period billed as the Great Andre Christol may have been Lucien Marc . People that knew the difference between the French wrestler Andre... more
    • However, Lucien and Andre were in the same room together. — K.t.K., Tue Jul 31 16:55
      • Lincoln Nebraska 1879Robert Buckley, Tue Jul 31 18:26
        The Nebraska State Journal , Friday , April 25 , 1879 reported that Lucien Marc arrived in Lincoln, calling himself Andre Christol . He was with an Omaha athlete named Wisler . They reported... more
    • Thanks Robert and PeterK.t.K., Tue Jul 31 11:26
      Yes, I had put together a file on Christol (with his wife Pauline) many years ago, subsequent to seeing his visit to Tombstone in 1880. It seems he got his barnstorming start in 1875 at New York. He... more
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