"Texas, by God"
and the
Robert Buckley
Lincoln Nebraska 1879
Tue Jul 31, 2018 18:26

The Nebraska State Journal , Friday , April 25 , 1879 reported that Lucien Marc arrived in Lincoln, calling himself Andre Christol . He was with an Omaha athlete named Wisler .

They reported discovering this fraud from a dispatch from Denver , Co March 29 .

Lucien Marc , the famous French wrestler ,who has been wrestling for two years as Andre Christol , and who wrestled with Colonel McLaughlin as Andre Christol , sent a challenge from Cheyenne.....

The Tombstone Daily Epitaph, Tuesday , December 22 , 1885 reported that Prof. Lucian Marc Christol and Peter Schumaker would have a match on Christmas night at Schieffelin hall .

Im sure Andre Christol and Lucien Marc were the best of friends.

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