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Furthermore Luke and Bat for Mr. Cash
Tue Aug 7, 2018 20:00

In April of 1880 Bat had been visiting his good friend Miles Mix at Buena Vista, about 35 miles south of Leadville. Bat then went up to take a look, but had to retreat in response to a mass exodus of crooked gamblers and bunko men being run out from Leadville. Luke Short was caught up in it as a confirmed bunko man by that time, and a large portion of them dropped down to Buena Vista which was still about 50% a tent city. Mile Mix was appointed town marshal, and Luke was captured on the Census June 1st, as a clerk for Murphy & Rumsey saloon, where he had his own room on prem. Thus we have Luke in association with two originals of the Dodge City gang - Masterson and Mix - at Buena Vista for a time.
After that by October Luke made his way to Kansas City where he was busted again as a confidence man, running the three-card-monte swindle inside the highly touted Marble Hall at 522 Main St., although it was surnamed "Robber's Roost." Marble Hall put Luke in contact with Joe Bassett, brother to Dodge City's Charlie Bassett. I have a vague notation in my Bassett File which says Joe Bassett hired Luke to deal in Marble Hall.

  • Dodge CityK.t.K., Tue Aug 7 17:59
    Wyatt, Morgan and Bat could meet him in Deadwood, 1876. That's when Luke placed himself there, as per Hubert Howe Bancroft dictation. From Deadwood Luke went to Ogallala where he got into trouble... more
    • Furthermore Luke and Bat for Mr. Cash — K.t.K., Tue Aug 7 20:00
      • Thank you, Kenny. Bob Cash, Wed Aug 8 00:34
        This info certainly connects Luke with Dodge City veterans. Still, given the fairly short amount of time spent in these locations, it is somewhat surprising that Wyatt, Bat, Charlie Bassett and... more
        • Deger the puritanK.t.K., Wed Aug 8 09:21
          I think it was not loyalty to any one person as much as being about principle. And I must qualify such principle from the eyes of a pro gambler. Anything goes in regards making a buck from the saloon ... more
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