"Texas, by God"
and the
Doc Holliday link?
Wed Aug 8, 2018 13:34

Do you happen to know, by any chance, if your “Georgia General Alexander Ware” was related in any way to Permelia Ellen Ware, who was married to John Stiles Holliday, MD (and lived in Fayetteville, Georgia), uncle of (and doctor who delivered) John Henry Holliday (aka “Doc”)?


  • Murrell GangEddie Lanham, Wed Aug 8 06:09
    I am searching for information on the John Murrell Gang's operations near San Augustine Texas 1836. One of their members, a man named Eaton, robbed and murdered Georgia General Alexander Ware near... more
    • Doc Holliday link? — David, Wed Aug 8 13:34
      • Murrell GangEddie Lanham, Wed Aug 8 18:59
        Yes they were related.
        • Permelia WareDavid, Thu Aug 9 12:26
          was Doc Holliday relative author/researcher (Doc Holliday: A Family Portrait ...) Karen Holliday Tanner's ggreat grandmother. David
        • Murrell GangEddie Lanham, Thu Aug 9 05:07
          I am out of town, but if my memory is correct Permelia's grandfather and Alexander Ware were brothers.
          • It may actually be David, Thu Aug 9 12:43
            her uncle/father's (George Washington Ware) brother (?) you are speaking about as otherwise the dates don't quite work out right from what I can gather from your original post? Karen gave me all her... more
            • WareEddie Lanham, Thu Aug 9 18:48
              As I stated, I am out of town so this is by memory. Alexander and James were brothers. James had son George. George had daughter Permelia.
              • Correct, George WashingtonDavid , Thu Aug 9 21:57
                Ware’s (father of Permelia) father was James Ware, Jr.; mother was Letitia. David
                • Doctors Day!David, Thu Aug 9 22:32
                  Also of note, Jame’s Cousin Elizabeth had a son by the name Crawford Long who “discovered” anesthesia (ether). “"Doctors Day" is celebrated on March 30 every year to commemorate Long's... more
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