"Texas, by God"
and the
It may actually be
Thu Aug 9, 2018 12:43

her uncle/father's (George Washington Ware) brother (?) you are speaking about as otherwise the dates don't quite work out right from what I can gather from your original post?

Karen gave me all her family records/trees years ago, but they are currently buried away somewhere in my collection.


  • Murrell GangEddie Lanham, Thu Aug 9 05:07
    I am out of town, but if my memory is correct Permelia's grandfather and Alexander Ware were brothers.
    • It may actually be — David, Thu Aug 9 12:43
      • WareEddie Lanham, Thu Aug 9 18:48
        As I stated, I am out of town so this is by memory. Alexander and James were brothers. James had son George. George had daughter Permelia.
        • Correct, George WashingtonDavid , Thu Aug 9 21:57
          Ware’s (father of Permelia) father was James Ware, Jr.; mother was Letitia. David
          • Doctors Day!David, Thu Aug 9 22:32
            Also of note, Jame’s Cousin Elizabeth had a son by the name Crawford Long who “discovered” anesthesia (ether). “"Doctors Day" is celebrated on March 30 every year to commemorate Long's... more
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