"Texas, by God"
and the
Hell on Wheels!
Thu Aug 9, 2018 13:02

Mary and I are just finishing up season 5 (the last; we are "a little" behind as usual) of the series on DVD. It is very well done and quite (violent and) entertaining, but even though most probably(?) mainly set a bit before his time, I haven't seen Sills portrayed anywhere lol.


  • On this day 1874 at Council BluffsK.t.K., Tue Aug 7 11:48
    Virge Earp is healing well after being shot with a pistol at Omaha (July 23rd) by nymph du pave Margaret Larrity - aka "Wild Madge." Details of the case were scarce due to the fact Earp was too... more
    • Hell on Wheels! — David, Thu Aug 9 13:02
      • Re: Hell on Wheels!K.t.K., Fri Aug 10 13:28
        According to Sills' timeline he didn't visit Hell on Wheels but arrived at Omaha straight from Belville, Canada in 1868. Although Hell on Wheels didn't end till 1869, Sills spent his first three... more
        • Wow; GREAT stuff David, Sun Aug 12 13:07
          (as always); I learned A LOT in that one post! Thanks Kenny. David
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