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Re: Hell on Wheels!
Fri Aug 10, 2018 13:28

According to Sills' timeline he didn't visit Hell on Wheels but arrived at Omaha straight from Belville, Canada in 1868.
Although Hell on Wheels didn't end till 1869, Sills spent his first three years in Omaha as apprentice in the Union Pacific machine shops. Therefore he would know that city intricately, not to mention, like everybody else, jump back and forth to Council Bluffs about four miles distant crossing the river by ferry boat.

The scary part in my thinking is him (Sills) running across Alvira Sullivan who was a fixture in Omaha also from 1868, when she was "working" on Twelfth Street, paying a $5.00 fine once when that location was raided. Then again, she too (under an alias I should mention) jumped to The Bluffs and became an inmate at Planter's House (which was seldom called by that name) a.k.a. "Big Brick" or "The Brick" when it was owned by one Mr. Roberts and Madam Kemp. She received one $5.00 fine there in '69 but eventually returned to Twelfth Street, Omaha. However, Alvira was not one of the sirens of lower Douglas Street, but had inadvertently place herself in one of the best joints called Cedar Rapids House.
I just cannot imagine the irony if she happened to tangle with Henry Sills in a brothel before Virgil arrived on the scene. About March '71 she was back across the river at The Brick under a different owner (Harry Williams & wife). We think Earp got there in late '71, or possibly early '72.

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    Mary and I are just finishing up season 5 (the last; we are "a little" behind as usual) of the series on DVD. It is very well done and quite (violent and) entertaining, but even though most... more
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      • Wow; GREAT stuff David, Sun Aug 12 13:07
        (as always); I learned A LOT in that one post! Thanks Kenny. David
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