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This day 1877 Mulqueen administers beating instead of kayo.
Fri Aug 17, 2018 14:17

Cheyenne, Wyoming - Aug. 17,1877
'All About A Dog.'
"Tom Mulqueen met Ed. Holtz, an ex-special policeman, in front of Schweickert's hardware store, on Sixteenth street, and proceeded at once to put a very extensive head om him. After doing so he walked up to Justice Slaughter's office, entered complain against himself and paid a fine of five dollars with the attendant costs. The origin of the trouble is as follows:

Holtz, until recently, was a special policeman down at the depot, and during one of the late raids un the unlicensed dogs of the town, killed Mulqueen's valuable canine, which by the way, was duly licensed and labeled, as the law directs. He was very much incensed at the conduct of Holtz, and upon meeting him proceeded to punish him in the manner above described. On the other hand, Holtz claims that he didn't see the collar on the dog at the time he shot him."

    • Thanks, Kenny (nm)James Wright, Mon Aug 20 19:36
    • Pretty cheap forDavid, Sun Aug 19 13:30
      a "beating"; wouldn't be so today (lawsuits, legal fees, jail time, ). David
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