"Texas, by God"
and the
Thanks Gary;
Thu Aug 30, 2018 14:33

enjoyed that video and would love to see any more you have. Those were definitely much simpler times.

By the way, Phil Everly (of the "The Everly Brothers") was our neighbor in Toluca Lake, CA when I was growing up. He lived directly across the street from us, and his nephew (Edan; son of his brother Don Everly) played on a little league baseball team (sponsored by Walt Disney) that my brother and I coached (and my youngest brother also played on) in later years. We went over to visit Phil at his home once when we had friends visiting from Chicago who said they wanted to meet him, and he told me he had watched me and my brothers growing up (playing football, baseball, soccer, in our front yard) from his upstairs window which overlooked our home. It was so cool, as days before, all the local papers had run stories of how Paul McCartney had just been there at his home visiting with him. McCartney and the Beatles always cited the Everly Brothers as having had such a big influence on them in their formative years.

Take Care.


  • Family recently discovered audio and film between the years of 1942-1978." First installment of many, hopefully... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F35oH7XrGd4 Thanks...
    • Thanks Gary; — David, Thu Aug 30 14:33
      • Small worldBob Paul, Fri Aug 31 11:12
        David: Some of my family were active in the real estate and politics in the Toluca Lake area. My sister's family home (before they moved to Beacon Bay following the '94 Northridge event) backed up to ... more
        • I remember you tellingDavid , Sat Sep 1 12:11
          me that Bob. Your sister's husband was one of my father's competitors in real estate in town. My father had 2 offices, the other in Sun Valley, but your sisters company was much larger. I forgot to... more
      • David, we weren't very far apart.K.t.K., Thu Aug 30 16:08
        I didn't recall you ever living in Taluka Lake. I grew up five miles from there, but earlier. By '69 or '70 ., with a work crew I had to go into Bob Hope's Taluka Lake house (actually a mansion... more
        • I believe we moved thereDavid , Sat Sep 1 12:03
          in about 1972. We were surrounded by stars. We actually had 2 homes there, the first one (Angela Cartwright lived right behind us there) was temporary while we built the second (much larger) one. Bob ... more
          • come to think of itK.t.K., Sat Sep 1 17:20
            Right around the corner from Bob Hope, Jo Anne Worley lived in a residential house, where I met her by surprise one time, knocking on her front door to gain access to the back yard. I ate many times... more
            • Yes, Bob's home David , Mon Sep 3 11:29
              was surrounded by a lot of/all the NBC ("Laugh-in" especially ) stars as it was a very quiet/private community yet close to NBC (and many other) studio's. Ken Berry also lived nearby and Rick Dee's... more
              • Reminiscing.Bob Paul, Mon Sep 3 12:03
                Y'all have some good "celebrity"; ie, "Bob", et al, memories from the day. IIRC, good ol' Bob Hope appeared in a few travel flix with some guy named Bing Crosby. now, I didn't know Crosby, but during ... more
                • Bing!David , Tue Sep 4 12:57
                  Crosby also lived across the street from us in Toluca Lake at one time, just one home to the west of Phil Everly. At one point about the time (?just before me moved in) his huge estate complex was... more
                  • Johnny Carson, Robin Williams discussDavid , Tue Sep 4 13:48
                    their mentor, Toluca Lake comedian/actor Jonathan Winters, at minutes 13 - 14 into the video. For K.t.K. and anyone else who may be interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtFl-5K7Kyo David
                    • Jonathan and Robin in Toluca LakeK.t.K., Wed Sep 5 06:42
                      My favorite is the 60 Minutes interview with Winters at his house. Suddenly, Robin Williams steps in from off camera and instructs Jonathan to do a particular ad lib on the interviewer:... more
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