"Texas, by God"
and the
I remember you telling
Sat Sep 1, 2018 12:11

me that Bob.

Your sister's husband was one of my father's competitors in real estate in town. My father had 2 offices, the other in Sun Valley, but your sisters company was much larger.

I forgot to mention, Forrest Tucker's (you mentioned "western genre") son Sean was also on our baseball team with Edan Everly (and my youngest brother) as were several other celebrities children.



  • Small worldBob Paul, Fri Aug 31 11:12
    David: Some of my family were active in the real estate and politics in the Toluca Lake area. My sister's family home (before they moved to Beacon Bay following the '94 Northridge event) backed up to ... more
    • I remember you telling — David , Sat Sep 1 12:11
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