"Texas, by God"
and the
James Wright
David, itís OU vs UCLA week
Sun Sep 2, 2018 22:07

Whatís your take? Mine is OU!
Boomer Sooner!!

    • Hell, yeah! (nm)James Wright, Sat Sep 8 18:20
      • Good on y'allBob Paul, Mon Sep 10 09:48
        Well, not much to add--------except the "gutty little Bruins" have now reached Cupcake status.
    • Go Bruins!David , Mon Sep 3 11:41
      After spending the WHOLE day Saturday at the Rose Bowl, unfortunately, James, I think I am going to have to agree with you. OU; although my heart, as always, will be with the UCLA Bruin's. David
    • Waaaaay outside perspective Bob Paul, Mon Sep 3 09:28
      Gents: As an old UCLA alum who had a nodding acquaintance with coach Henry "Red" Sanders and marginally helped in the recruitment of one of the later QB's, it is my perspective that UCLA of today... more
    • talk about football on your website. I'm joking. I'm with you... OK all the way. Sorry David, UCLA has a couple years to go before Chip Kelly gets them in contention.
      • LOL! Agreed Kevin - David , Mon Sep 3 11:46
        this team appears a few years away, unless something changes DRASTICALLY in the next week. David
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