"Texas, by God"
and the
On this day 1879
Mon Sep 3, 2018 19:10

Morgan Earp returns to Butte from Miles City, where Louisa remains behind to close out business and financial interests in that town permanently.
At Butte, Wm. Warfield has just taken the helm as City Marshal after special city incorporation. Earp is chosen his first hire-on when the new City Council meets next, and the temporary officers (all deputy sheriffs) will be deleted. Out of that group Warfield will keep on Joe Campbell as a preferred policeman, to be with Earp on night shift. Eventually a total of five policemen are allowed according to ordinance, but the gray-beard Warfield, a long time veteran from Helena, knows how to work loop holes. Notwithstanding the fact he has managed to shave off three years from his actual age of 46.

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