"Texas, by God"
and the
Johnny Carson, Robin Williams discuss
Tue Sep 4, 2018 13:48

their mentor, Toluca Lake comedian/actor Jonathan Winters, at minutes 13 - 14 into the video. For K.t.K. and anyone else who may be interested:



  • Bing!David , Tue Sep 4 12:57
    Crosby also lived across the street from us in Toluca Lake at one time, just one home to the west of Phil Everly. At one point about the time (?just before me moved in) his huge estate complex was... more
    • Johnny Carson, Robin Williams discuss — David , Tue Sep 4 13:48
      • Jonathan and Robin in Toluca LakeK.t.K., Wed Sep 5 06:42
        My favorite is the 60 Minutes interview with Winters at his house. Suddenly, Robin Williams steps in from off camera and instructs Jonathan to do a particular ad lib on the interviewer:... more
        • That was David , Tue Sep 18 14:20
          great; thanks Kenny. I just saw this now for the first time as I have in and out of town quite a bit as of late. Just back from Phoenix and leaving again for Las Vegas next week. Hope you don't mind... more
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