"Texas, by God"
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Thanks Randolph; I
Thu Dec 6, 2018 13:17

am interested in hearing what Steve, Bob, and Kenny have to say about all this.



  • New evidence Curly Bill survived TombstoneRandolph W. Farmer, Thu Dec 6 12:15
    In April 1888 at least 5 different newspapers in Texas ran a story about Curly Bill being with a gang of horse thieves when they were attacked and captured in Texas by Kansas vigilantes. They had... more
    • Re: New evidence Curly Bill survived TombstoneSteve Gatto, Thu Dec 6 21:07
      While the National Live Stock Journal for April 24, 1888 may have been the source of the information in the articles from Texas that you mention it was not the original source for the account. It... more
    • Thanks Randolph; I — David , Thu Dec 6 13:17
      • Echoing David; also a questionBen Harleman, Fri Dec 7 02:17
        I share David's sentiment, as these are the things that sharpen my old west acumen, but I also have a question. I've reviewed most every archived discussion I could find on this topic on the two... more
        • Great questionRandolph W. Farmer, Fri Dec 7 11:40
          Ben - the only dumb question is the one not asked. I've said all along that there were more than one Curly Bill characters. Lynn Bailey knows this too. In fact the real Curly Bill said the same thing ... more
          • Great feedbackBen Harleman, Fri Dec 7 22:53
            Thank you for the response, and for validating my question. Sometimes I don't know if I'm on track or off. I appreciate the insight I get from you guys. -Ben
        • Re: Echoing David; also a questionSteve Gatto, Fri Dec 7 09:36
          There is always a possibility when you are tracking on old west figure that you might come across someone with the same name or nickname. There were provably several people being called by the name... more
          • Great feedbackBen Harleman, Fri Dec 7 22:55
            Thank you for the response, and for validating my question. Sometimes I don't know if I'm on track or off, but I always know I'm probably going to learn something. -Ben
      • Re: Thanks Randolph; I Steve gatto, Thu Dec 6 18:07
        I posted a response earlier today on BJ's board. Vigilantes, as opposed to lawful posses, tend to kill the men they are after and lynch their captives. This appears to have been the end result of... more
        • What a great cover story!Randolph W. Farmer, Thu Dec 6 21:27
          Associated Press Dispatch, May 21, 1881: "Curly Bill"...was shot and mortally wounded at Gatesville [sic] yesterday by Jim Wallace, one of his comrades." But...Curly Bill was killed by Jim... more
          • Re: What a great cover story!Steve Gatto, Fri Dec 7 06:04
            According to Randy Farmer: "I'm surprised, Steve, that you didn't notice in the 6 newspaper reports of the Scar Face incident, that the April 21 report out of Wichita (not April 20) quoted "Sheriff... more
            • @ SteveRandolph W. Farmer, Fri Dec 7 11:48
              Guess what: There is no Boyd County or Boyle County, Texas. As far as I can tell there never was either. Sheriff Dudley Reynolds or Dubb Reynolds? Haven't found him either. Kinda puts a different... more
              • Pretty hard to winDavid , Fri Dec 7 14:33
                a debate (or even come close) with Steve on anything relating to Curly Bill or the Cowboys, as one author embarrassingly found out in 2006 at the WOLA conference in Sierra Vista. The awkward... more
              • @RandySteve Gatto, Fri Dec 7 12:04
                I know that there is no Boyd County or Boyle County, Texas. That's why I responded, "No, I have not been to Boyd County or Boyle County, Texas, nor would I likely go to them if they existed."
                • @Steve2Randolph W. Farmer, Fri Dec 7 12:08
                  This isn't about you, Steve. It never was. This is about the truth and the willingness to consider all new information without bias.
      • Nothing to say. Only a question about...K.t.K., Thu Dec 6 14:27
        Ö the reference to Curly Bill's brother, former Hardin Gang member J. B. Brosius. Was there more than one Hardin gang? According to the 1900 census for Paris, Texas, Jno. B. Brosius was born March... more
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