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Randolph W. Farmer
What a great cover story!
Thu Dec 6, 2018 21:27

Associated Press Dispatch, May 21, 1881:
"Curly Bill"...was shot and mortally wounded at Gatesville [sic] yesterday by Jim Wallace, one of his comrades."

But...Curly Bill was killed by Jim Wallace...Oh, wait.

But, but...Curly Bill was killed by Wyatt Earp in 1882...oh, wait...

El Paso Daily Times, June 26, 1883:
"Curly Bill, so often reported killed, is in Old Mexico."

Clifton, Arizona, The Copper era, January 9, 1902:
"...the Earps had been offered $5,000 to do Curly up, and that they claimed the reward...No credence however should be placed in this story, as Bill was seen several years subsequent to his reported demise in Fort Worth, Texas."

But but but...the Kansas vigilantes killed Curly Bill in 1888....oh wait...

National Live Stock Journal, April 24, 1888:
"Two of the regulators and two of the thieves were killed, and it is thought three of the latter made their escape. The three captured alive were disposed of as follows: Hank Windom and Curley Bill were shot, and Scar Face the leader, was dragged to death."

On page 114 of "CURLY BILL" HORSE THIEF, CATTLE DEALER, MURDERER, LAWMAN: 1858-1909 I note that Curly was a regular hand at the Mill Iron ranch along with "Scar Face Malony" and "Baldy Jones" [Baldy Johnson]. This was a rustler's ranch in North Texas.

Charles Siringo, a famous Texas cattle detective who knew Curly Bill, often joined gangs of thieves so he could turn them over to the regulators. He routinely planted false reports in newspapers to further this goal. Who paid him to do this? large ranchers and their regulators.

I'm surprised, Steve, that you didn't notice in the 6 newspaper reports of the Scar Face incident, that the April 21 report out of Wichita (not April 20) quoted "Sheriff Dudley Reynolds of Boyd County, Texas" and/or Sheriff Dubb R. Reynolds, of Boyd county, Texas".

Ever been to Boyd County, Texas, Steve?

"But but it was in the newspapers....."

  • Re: Thanks Randolph; I Steve gatto, Thu Dec 6 18:07
    I posted a response earlier today on BJ's board. Vigilantes, as opposed to lawful posses, tend to kill the men they are after and lynch their captives. This appears to have been the end result of... more
    • What a great cover story! — Randolph W. Farmer, Thu Dec 6 21:27
      • Re: What a great cover story!Steve Gatto, Fri Dec 7 06:04
        According to Randy Farmer: "I'm surprised, Steve, that you didn't notice in the 6 newspaper reports of the Scar Face incident, that the April 21 report out of Wichita (not April 20) quoted "Sheriff... more
        • @ SteveRandolph W. Farmer, Fri Dec 7 11:48
          Guess what: There is no Boyd County or Boyle County, Texas. As far as I can tell there never was either. Sheriff Dudley Reynolds or Dubb Reynolds? Haven't found him either. Kinda puts a different... more
          • Pretty hard to winDavid , Fri Dec 7 14:33
            a debate (or even come close) with Steve on anything relating to Curly Bill or the Cowboys, as one author embarrassingly found out in 2006 at the WOLA conference in Sierra Vista. The awkward... more
          • @RandySteve Gatto, Fri Dec 7 12:04
            I know that there is no Boyd County or Boyle County, Texas. That's why I responded, "No, I have not been to Boyd County or Boyle County, Texas, nor would I likely go to them if they existed."
            • @Steve2Randolph W. Farmer, Fri Dec 7 12:08
              This isn't about you, Steve. It never was. This is about the truth and the willingness to consider all new information without bias.
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