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Re: Two Bully's? (Kenny)
Sat Dec 8, 2018 02:29

Ben, it was at Caldwell where William L. Brooks was lynched by Vigilantes with two others in July 1874. He had just turned 32.
Also known as "Buffalo Billy Brooks" and "Bully Brooks," he had served as the number three town marshal at Dodge City (1872-73), following in succession of Jack Bridges and Billy Rivers.
Up at Miles City, M.T., in 1877, James R. Brooks was good friends with Morgan Earp and George Collins, just to mention names we are familiar with. This hard-case Brooks - a.k.a. "Bully" Brooks - had made his bones earlier at Bismarck, Dakota. His motto was "No man will ever get the drop on me." Well, at a New Years Eve dance 1878, where no attendees were allowed to come heeled, Brooks didn't count on an old nemesis showing up with a concealed revolver, waiting for opportunity to get the drop. "Bully" Brooks died that night at 11:00 p.m., with blood and brain matter thrown on the floor, which completely ruined this well planned expensive party. As usual, a soiled dove was at the bottom of it.

I believe these two Bully Brooks to be cousins, and part of a large clan of Brooks all coming west out of Ohio.

Professor Gary L. Roberts is hands down the authority on Wm. L. Brooks, and I was a grateful recipient of a copy of his un-published, 88-page masterpiece biography on the subject. This Brooks clan was very difficult to research in terms of genealogy. Very difficult. Roberts had correctly found William on the 1860 Census, whereas many years later I managed to find him on the 1870 Census.
However, the hard-case Brooks brothers who went to Montana, and the other Brooks brothers who went to Idaho, were so difficult as to never get it properly resolved. other than their full names.

The confusion about Morg killing Buffalo Billy Brooks in Butte, M.T., long after he was actually dead, stems from the massive editing cuts suffered by Stuart Lake, causing him to edit out or delete highly significant information about Morgan in Miles City, given Lake by Wyatt Earp. Lake simply consolidated Morg at Butte with Morg at Miles City, never mentioning the latter. Lake knew full well that Morgan Earp had killed his man at Miles City - the brother of James R. Brooks, although two Brooks brothers came there as next-of-kin to settle the sizable estate of the diseased brother.
Lake's choice was to mention only Butte, by far the greatest
camp in the history of Montana.
Hope this didn't confuse you worse.

  • Two Bully's? (Kenny)Ben Harleman, Fri Dec 7 23:03
    Kenny, you had, in recent messages, mentioned something about Bully Brooks in Montana and I believe said something about there being confusion by some on his identity or whereabouts. I know that's a... more
    • Re: Two Bully's? (Kenny) — K.t.K., Sat Dec 8 02:29
      • Awesome, thank you!!Ben Harleman, Sat Dec 8 02:56
        Shoot no, this didn't confuse me at all! To the contrary it perfectly gives me the rounded out picture I wanted. Makes a lot more sense now. As usual, thanks for the vivid explanation. When I first... more
        • Re: Awesome, thank you!!K.t.K., Sat Dec 8 03:38
          I suppose Miller and Snell were good for their day, in my opinion. Nonetheless, when I was taking my own hard look at Dodge City it really surprised me - given their reputation - when I found more... more
          • Re: Awesome, thank you!!Ben Harleman, Sat Dec 8 23:10
            I appreciate your anecdotes about Dr. Robert's, I just love his knowledge & reasoning. I love to search the board archives for things he's talked about & glean some knowledge where I can. Is it... more
            • Gary left it there for you too.K.t.K., Sun Dec 9 11:31
              Did my email show up?
              • Not yet...Ben Harleman, Sun Dec 9 13:14
                I haven't seen anything yet, but I'm not sure which email it would have gone to; I'm operating with about 5 right now (ugh). Go ahead and send it to benboru@gmail.com And thanks so much for sending... more
      • addendum BrooksK.t.K., Sat Dec 8 02:51
        When Wyatt gave Lake his information about Miles City, he did not remember a first name for the Brooks gunman who dueled with Morg at the Park off Main. This fellow had come from Deadwood with a... more
        • To be clear...Ben Harleman, Sat Dec 8 03:08
          I want to be sure I got this right, Morgan was good friends with James R Brooks in Montana, and in Miles City killed a brother of the same James R Brooks? And this brother was the Brooks that Wyatt... more
          • Re: To be clear...K.t.K., Sat Dec 8 04:06
            You have it right. Both myself and Peter Brand have compiled biographies on "Shotgun" Collins. Peter originally put me on to Collins when he learned I was going to Montana on my first research trip... more
            • So,...add it to the list?Ben Harleman, Sat Dec 8 23:04
              Sounds to me like on top of your Morg bio, I have to start anticipating Randy King's Shotgun Collins biography, too. When can I add these to my Christmas list!?! Always looking forward to good reads... more
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