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Re: Awesome, thank you!!
Sat Dec 8, 2018 03:38

I suppose Miller and Snell were good for their day, in my opinion. Nonetheless, when I was taking my own hard look at Dodge City it really surprised me - given their reputation - when I found more than a few men who wore badges at Dodge completely overlook by Miller and Snell. It was simply a matter of them not looking where they should have automatically looked.

You wanna talk Gary Roberts? Briefly, unlike Miller and Snell, he would leave no stone unturned. The word 'posterity' comes to mind. Perhaps the full extent of his body of work will not be realized because of that. Point being, that when looking into various repositories in Kansas I would run across an un-published body of research just sitting in a file cabinet, donated by Gary Roberts. As a neophyte I would stand there and stare for a minute This is where, and how I found the major piece on W. L. Brooks.
Sitting in a cabinet waiting for me. It was there for the taking (copying) for anybody.
I'm sure this is called posterity; something committed by the unselfish; a place at which I have yet to arrive.

If I was to send you a copy, you would be amazed at how deep Roberts can go.

  • Awesome, thank you!!Ben Harleman, Sat Dec 8 02:56
    Shoot no, this didn't confuse me at all! To the contrary it perfectly gives me the rounded out picture I wanted. Makes a lot more sense now. As usual, thanks for the vivid explanation. When I first... more
    • Re: Awesome, thank you!! — K.t.K., Sat Dec 8 03:38
      • Re: Awesome, thank you!!Ben Harleman, Sat Dec 8 23:10
        I appreciate your anecdotes about Dr. Robert's, I just love his knowledge & reasoning. I love to search the board archives for things he's talked about & glean some knowledge where I can. Is it... more
        • Gary left it there for you too.K.t.K., Sun Dec 9 11:31
          Did my email show up?
          • Not yet...Ben Harleman, Sun Dec 9 13:14
            I haven't seen anything yet, but I'm not sure which email it would have gone to; I'm operating with about 5 right now (ugh). Go ahead and send it to benboru@gmail.com And thanks so much for sending... more
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