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Re: To be clear...
Sat Dec 8, 2018 04:06

You have it right.

Both myself and Peter Brand have compiled biographies on "Shotgun" Collins. Peter originally put me on to Collins when he learned I was going to Montana on my first research trip in 2002. I actually found Collins then but didn't realize it because he was using a completely different nickname sans the given name. I went back the next year and interviewed the top local historian, who coincidentally was a descendant of one of Collin's shooting victims there. Still not making the connection, because of the nickname, it was after another year that a particular document resurfaced showing that this was our guy, George after all.

Subsequently Peter and I agreed that he was would be the one to carry on with his project to publication, which he is working on now. Its been very hard on me not to talk too much about it.

To go along with how you describe Collins, Peter would say: "This guy was not afraid to pull the trigger."

  • To be clear...Ben Harleman, Sat Dec 8 03:08
    I want to be sure I got this right, Morgan was good friends with James R Brooks in Montana, and in Miles City killed a brother of the same James R Brooks? And this brother was the Brooks that Wyatt... more
    • Re: To be clear... — K.t.K., Sat Dec 8 04:06
      • So,...add it to the list?Ben Harleman, Sat Dec 8 23:04
        Sounds to me like on top of your Morg bio, I have to start anticipating Randy King's Shotgun Collins biography, too. When can I add these to my Christmas list!?! Always looking forward to good reads... more
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