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Ben Harleman
Re: Awesome, thank you!!
Sat Dec 8, 2018 23:10

I appreciate your anecdotes about Dr. Robert's, I just love his knowledge & reasoning. I love to search the board archives for things he's talked about & glean some knowledge where I can. Is it possible to send a copy? Or is it something that needs to be held close for now? Obviously, I'd love to read it, but certainly understand protocols.


  • Re: Awesome, thank you!!K.t.K., Sat Dec 8 03:38
    I suppose Miller and Snell were good for their day, in my opinion. Nonetheless, when I was taking my own hard look at Dodge City it really surprised me - given their reputation - when I found more... more
    • Re: Awesome, thank you!! — Ben Harleman, Sat Dec 8 23:10
      • Gary left it there for you too.K.t.K., Sun Dec 9 11:31
        Did my email show up?
        • Not yet...Ben Harleman, Sun Dec 9 13:14
          I haven't seen anything yet, but I'm not sure which email it would have gone to; I'm operating with about 5 right now (ugh). Go ahead and send it to benboru@gmail.com And thanks so much for sending... more
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