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Randolph W. Farmer
Poor Steve
Tue Dec 11, 2018 15:58

Steve Gatto:
"The sad irony is that I'll end up either having to prove that William A. Brosius was Curly Bill Brocius or prove that he could not have been Curly Bill Brocius...."

Why so sad? What about the "thrill of discovery"?

"...I do have some significant periods of time to compare Curly Bill's whereabouts with William A. Brosius' moments."

I've already done that , Steve. And its a FIT.

Your biggest mistake in your second book on Curly Bill was in refusing to research William Brosius of Texas, who you inaccurately referred to as being born in "Lamar, Texas" on page 142 of your book. Since you're not from Texas you can be excused for that mistake. Lamar, Texas is a small town on the Gulf Coast and Bill Brosius was probably never there. He lived in Lamar County, Texas in the town of Paris which is on the other side of the State.

He actually wasn't even born in Texas. He was born in Mayfield, Kentucky near the Mississippi River, across from Missouri in Graves County and brought to Fannin County, Texas as an infant in 1859. I know this because I corresponded with relatives of his descendants which is how I got the pictures of his father and brother, J. B. Brosius, which appear in my book. J. B. Brosius is prominently mentioned in John Wesley Hardin's autobiography. J. W. Hardin grew up in Fannin county as did Curly Bill.

We all make mistakes, Steve. Yes, I made a couple of minor mistakes in my one and only book on Curly Bill, but they weren't material to the story and certainly not as big as the one you made in ignoring Bill Brosius in Paris, Texas - the Red River Valley and the town where John S. Chisum of Arizona/New Mexico fame was from, and returned to die and be buried about the time Bill Brosius reappeared there to get married and settle down.

Maybe the third time for you will be a charm - or it could just be a whitewash if you don't immerse yourself in the cattle culture that started in the Red River Valley and was exported to the Territories. You obviously are lost when it comes to reality in that context.


  • Re: Bottom lineSteve Gatto, Tue Dec 11 13:58
    The sad irony is that I'll end up either having to prove that William A. Brosius was Curly Bill Brocius or prove that he could not have been Curly Bill Brocius since you're not capable of doing it. I ... more
    • Poor Steve — Randolph W. Farmer, Tue Dec 11 15:58
      • Well, I all I need to say . . . Steve Gatto, Tue Dec 11 21:06
        about the research that I have done relating to William A. Brosius of Paris, Texas, is that 15 years since the publication of my book on "Curly Bill" in 2003, and after your so-called extensive... more
        • @SteveRandolph W. Farmer, Tue Dec 11 21:09
          And you have a vested interest in an inflexible and unrealistic opinion.
          • Right . . .Steve Gatto, Tue Dec 11 21:45
            All I'm asking for is some evidence that William A. Brosius is Curly Bill. Hell, he may actually be Curly Bill - the problem is you have not provided any evidence that he was the same man.
            • Get realRandolph W. Farmer, Tue Dec 11 22:00
              What you’re saying is you want a signed confession, witnessed and notarized and date and time stamped from William A. Brosius saying he was Curly Bill. You seek to impose perhaps, the standard of... more
              • Re: Get realSteve Gatto, Tue Dec 11 22:34
                So what your saying is that I set the bar too high? No wonder I haven't been able to confirm who Curly Bill Brocius was and where he was from all these years. So, what is the probability that a man... more
                • Wrong again. Randolph W. Farmer, Wed Dec 12 07:45
                  What I’m saying is your vaunted “research discipline” ballyhooed by some mindless followers isn’t really a historical research discipline at all. It’s really just a legalistic approach to arguing and ... more
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