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Peter Love
Re: Randy believes, Randy believes, Randy believes........
Tue Dec 11, 2018 18:58


I think some of these Deputies could have used aliases depending on where they were required to go, and some had shady pasts too. I cannot understand why Sheriff Brosius would, though. The suggestion he “rode” with the Cherokee Kid, who was only 20, and I thought his movements were known, seems tenuous, particularly based on a questionable photo.

Here is something showing W C Smith is simply listed as “posseman”-

But the article Randy found about officer Curly Bill is a big find IMHO

  • The fact of Curly Billy escaping death by Wyatt Earp is never the issue with me. I love it. There is no one in the Old West history field who has bad-mouthed, castigated, slandered, and disrespected... more
    • Re: Randy believes, Randy believes, Randy believes........ — Peter Love, Tue Dec 11 18:58
      • Thanks PeterK.t.K., Wed Dec 12 08:08
        I found all kinds of stuff on Chronicling America about William C. Smith as Deputy [U.S.] Marshal. But I will not put up all the links. When reading up on the entire account, there was no need for... more
      • @Peter LoveRandolph W. Farmer, Tue Dec 11 19:54
        I did find an indictment in Indian Territory for “Curly” and “Cherokee Bill” but will concede it could have been a different person than Crawford Goolsby. It was more important to demonstrate that... more
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