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Randolph W. Farmer
@Peter Love
Tue Dec 11, 2018 19:54

I did find an indictment in Indian Territory for “Curly” and “Cherokee Bill” but will concede it could have been a different person than Crawford Goolsby. It was more important to demonstrate that someone named Curly was active in Indian Territory at a time Bill Brosius and his grandfather J. B. Anderson were in transit from Mayfield KY and back to Texas.

It still does not follow that this discrepancy means “Bill Smith” was not Curly Bill in the instance of Cherokee Bills transport from Nowata to Ft Smith. All I’ve said is that there is an interesting resemblance between the person identified as Bill Smith with Cherokee Bill and the person shown in the tintype I found in Bonham Texas where Curly Bill spent his childhood.

There was more than one Bill Smith that served as a Deputy US Marshal in IT. These Deputy US Marshals were often deputized on the spot - they were not long-term employees but served as “muscle” when needed.

Soneone with access to facial recognition software should compare the two Jen we’ve discussed with the pictures of J. B. Brosius and George W. Brosius in my book.

Yes, the story of Curly Bill in IT in 1895 working as a detective is a significant find that bolsters my case. Paris, Texas was known as the “gateway to Indian Territory” and the presence of the Federal Court in Paris attracted old thugs like Curly Bill who could profit from executing orders from the court for arrest of fugitives in IT.

  • Kenny I think some of these Deputies could have used aliases depending on where they were required to go, and some had shady pasts too. I cannot understand why Sheriff Brosius would, though. The... more
    • Thanks PeterK.t.K., Wed Dec 12 08:08
      I found all kinds of stuff on Chronicling America about William C. Smith as Deputy [U.S.] Marshal. But I will not put up all the links. When reading up on the entire account, there was no need for... more
    • @Peter Love — Randolph W. Farmer, Tue Dec 11 19:54
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