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Randolph W. Farmer
Get real
Tue Dec 11, 2018 22:00

What you’re saying is you want a signed confession, witnessed and notarized and date and time stamped from William A. Brosius saying he was Curly Bill.

You seek to impose perhaps, the standard of proof required for criminal prosecution when that is impossible given the circumstances. It ain’t gonna happen. Ever. For eternity. So you want to write the trite cliched words “and so today his identity remains a mystery”. BS.

The only realistic standard of proof in this situation is that for a civil trial - a preponderance of evidence. I’ve done that and continue to do so.

It’s a matter of probabilities - similar to the standard the intelligence community uses in social network analysis. It is especially useful when the subjects are using aliases. Historians are adopting social networking analysis.

  • Right . . .Steve Gatto, Tue Dec 11 21:45
    All I'm asking for is some evidence that William A. Brosius is Curly Bill. Hell, he may actually be Curly Bill - the problem is you have not provided any evidence that he was the same man.
    • Get real — Randolph W. Farmer, Tue Dec 11 22:00
      • Re: Get realSteve Gatto, Tue Dec 11 22:34
        So what your saying is that I set the bar too high? No wonder I haven't been able to confirm who Curly Bill Brocius was and where he was from all these years. So, what is the probability that a man... more
        • Wrong again. Randolph W. Farmer, Wed Dec 12 07:45
          What I’m saying is your vaunted “research discipline” ballyhooed by some mindless followers isn’t really a historical research discipline at all. It’s really just a legalistic approach to arguing and ... more
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