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Wed Dec 12, 2018 08:08

I found all kinds of stuff on Chronicling America about William C. Smith as Deputy [U.S.] Marshal. But I will not put up all the links. When reading up on the entire account, there was no need for Smith to be using an alias. He had colleagues in place who set the trap. Randy Farmer is such a lousy researcher he doesn't care to dig into the facts. (See Gatto for gawd's sake)
Several months after Cherokee Bill was taken in, "Deputy W. C. Smith" was working hand in hand with Deputy Bill Tilghman - with posse in tow - working on the Bill Doolin case. All of them were technically possemen.


FYI - I never had a "humble" opinion in my life, thus refuse to use such a term.

  • Kenny I think some of these Deputies could have used aliases depending on where they were required to go, and some had shady pasts too. I cannot understand why Sheriff Brosius would, though. The... more
    • Thanks Peter — K.t.K., Wed Dec 12 08:08
    • @Peter LoveRandolph W. Farmer, Tue Dec 11 19:54
      I did find an indictment in Indian Territory for “Curly” and “Cherokee Bill” but will concede it could have been a different person than Crawford Goolsby. It was more important to demonstrate that... more
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