"Texas, by God"
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Lynn R. Bailey
The Real Curly Bill
Wed Dec 12, 2018 10:52

Randy: A major correction: Melvin Jones was referring to “Curly Bill Graham and his brother George [Gordon Graham]." The Graham boys left tracks all over the West, easily followed for decades. Best regards, Lynn

  • New evidence of Curly Bill's deathRandolph W. Farmer, Wed Dec 12 08:59
    Bonham Daily Favorite, May 28, 1909: W. A. BROSIUS IS DEAD Died Yesterday at Paris After an Illness Covering Several Months _______________ W. A. Brosius, better known throughout North Texas as "Al"... more
    • The Real Curly Bill — Lynn R. Bailey, Wed Dec 12 10:52
      • InterestingRandolph W. Farmer, Wed Dec 12 11:23
        When do you publish? Question: Graham is a somewhat common surname; why would anybody choose a name like Broscius for an alias? It’s too distinctive; usually aliases are more general or widespread in ... more
        • Re: InterestingK.t.K., Wed Dec 12 18:26
          Yet another monkey wrench confounding the Randy horseshit. In the Fort Smith Elevator Ike Rogers gave every name of all involved with transporting Cherokee Bill from Roger's house to Nowata, and then ... more
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