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Robert Buckley
Mrs. Anna Ownby saw that same article
Wed Dec 12, 2018 15:37

July, 8 1937 El Paso Times .

Judge B.B Ownby’s wife , Anna , responded to that very article Steve . In 1937 , Anna said the Curly Bill caught in the gambling raid wasn’t the same Curly Bill she and her husband knew in Lordsburg in the early 1880’s .

Anna went on to say that she and her husband saw a letter from Curly Bill’s brother wrote to one of B.B Ownby’s ranch hands named Billy Jones . She said Billy Jones used the alias Billy Jackson . In the letter , Anna said Curly Bills brother wrote that Curly Bill died from the measles . She said the letter was from 1886 .

  • Oh no, another Curley Bill sighting . . .Steve Gatto, Wed Dec 12 14:33
    from the El Paso Herald, June 12, 1909 from an article originally printed in the same paper on the same date in 1895: "Ben Patterson who has been running a game above the Gem Saloon . . . had in his... more
    • Mrs. Anna Ownby saw that same article — Robert Buckley, Wed Dec 12 15:37
      • Question for BuckleyK.t.K., Thu Dec 13 20:16
        Do you think that Bramble Ownby could be the "unidentified assistant" written about by author Bob Alexander, which person accompanied Dan Tucker in returning "Russian Bill" to Shakespeare? This was... more
        • Re: Question for BuckleyRobert Buckley, Thu Dec 13 20:45
          That's my belief kenny . I'm looking for something concrete to confirm that.
      • Re: Mrs. Anna Ownby saw that same articleSteve Gatto, Wed Dec 12 17:08
        I know. They claimed that Curly Bill's true name was William Cutchinstein. I have several Curly Bill articles. The point is that people shouldn't assume that any article with the name Curly Bill is... more
        • Cutchinstein Robert Buckley, Thu Dec 13 18:22
          Cutchinstein is most likely the name Curly Bill gave when he was arrested there . B.B Ownby was a Deputy Sheriff of Grant County , working in Lordsburg at that time . Ownby worked with Dan Tucker... more
          • Re: Cutchinstein Robert Buckley, Thu Dec 13 18:27
            I was going to say that Anna Ownby said his name was Billy Jones and he used the alias Billy Jackson . My last post sent early.
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