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Randolph W. Farmer
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Thu Dec 13, 2018 08:32

"He survived the lnching of three of his companions because he was helped by a fellow Mason."

J. M. Bockius was innocent, like he said. Hardin identifies J. B. Brosius as the person rescued from the lynching by a large man on horseback that scooped up the prisoner and rode away with him.

I've been through the collection of John Wesley Hardin's letters in San Marcos. Have you?

There are 3 letters from Hardin's mother that mention J. B. Brosius: Hardin's mother couldn't spell very well so in the first letter he's referred to as "Bockius". By the third letter she refers to him as "Brockius" or possibly "Brochius" - hard to read her writing.The "k" could be an "h".

Anyway when Hardin got out of prison his diction and writing had improved greatly, so in his autobiography he correctly refers to J. B. Brosius and spells it correctly.

What really gives your phony news article away as being from Boyd County, Texas was the line about being saved by a Mason. That's an old saw that Masons used every time they possibly could, to promote membership in their secret organization. The Masons were frequently attacked as being anti-Christian especially after the Civil War. Many believed the Masons played a key role in starting that devastating war and in some ways they did. So whenever they could portray themselves as "saving" somebody, they did.

Bockius was a member of the KGC which was a quasi-Masonic organization patterned after the Blue Lodges of Masonry, the first 3 degrees. Many mistook it and its members as being "a Masonic organization". However, his membership doesn't matter because he was innocent of participation in Hardin's cattle theft debacle in Comanche anyway.

  • Re: Hardin and Brosiusgobby git, Thu Dec 13 05:48
    As I still can't figure out Chronicling America ... From the Austin Daily Democratic Statesman of June 16, 1874 "[Prisoner Bockius] graduated from a medical school in Philadelphia. Otherwise, he knew ... more
    • Answer in front of your gob — Randolph W. Farmer, Thu Dec 13 08:32
      • Guilt By Associationgobby git, Thu Dec 13 09:47
        RWF ... it would be impertinent for me to disagree with ANYTHING you say ... specifically the Masonic implications and the racial and political aspects inherent in your book ... except for the... more
        • Thanks, but...Randolph W. Farmer, Thu Dec 13 11:47
          Speaking guilt by association, was J. M. Bockius found guilty of driving stolen cattle for Hardin? Uh, no, he wasnít. Sometimes the justice system works the way itís supposed to work. Bockius was... more
          • Disassociationgobby git, Thu Dec 13 12:43
            "His detention meant J. B. Brosius got off scot free" I have the book ... this isn't what is said in there ... or anywhere else ... one person, a thirteen year old, one name, J.B. Brosius ... luckily ... more
            • Iím anonymous by accidentRandolph W. Farmer, Thu Dec 13 13:35
              Donít know if you picked up on it - but with Frank Anderson indicted for stealing a horse at the same place and time as J B Brosius getting hoisted up by a large man on horseback and escaping by... more
            • Thank youAnonymous, Thu Dec 13 12:52
              Lots of stuff gets edited out of the finished product due to space considerations. I understand that. For instance, I think I remember some stuff I had in there about Medicine Lodge, Kansas which... more
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