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Randolph W. Farmer
Thanks, but...
Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:47

Speaking guilt by association, was J. M. Bockius found guilty of driving stolen cattle for Hardin? Uh, no, he wasnít. Sometimes the justice system works the way itís supposed to work. Bockius was innocent of that charge, anyway.

How does one get J. M. Bockius from J. B. Brosius? Kind of a stretch donít ya think?

His detention meant J. B. Brosius got off scot free.

I use primary source documents whenever theyíre available...you know, personal letters, autobiographies...and old criminal records. In fact, I searched the old criminal records from Comanche County to DeWitt County for information on J. M. Bockius or anyone else thought to associated with Hardinís crew. Have you ever done that, specifically?

J. B Brosiusí cattle drive came to a screeching halt in Hamilton County. I found lots of criminal indictments there. I spent most of a very hot Texas summer afternoon going thru Hamilton County criminal records in the un-air conditioned attic of that courthouse. It was 100+ degrees outside so it was probably 150 degrees in that attic. I probably lost 10 pounds that day.

Have you ever done that?

I found indictments for cattle theft for a prominent member of John Chisums operation. But the one that really interests me is the one for Frank Anderson. At the time of J. B. Brosiusí arrest Frank Anderson was inducted for horse theft. He was never caught.

Ever notice how many members of Hardinís crew were Anderson family members? Ham Anderson ring a bell? No?

J. B. Brosius was named for his grandfather J. B. Anderson who Iíve linked to J. M. Bockius in New Orleans. All in my book. You should read it you might learn something.

  • Guilt By Associationgobby git, Thu Dec 13 09:47
    RWF ... it would be impertinent for me to disagree with ANYTHING you say ... specifically the Masonic implications and the racial and political aspects inherent in your book ... except for the... more
    • Thanks, but... — Randolph W. Farmer, Thu Dec 13 11:47
      • Disassociationgobby git, Thu Dec 13 12:43
        "His detention meant J. B. Brosius got off scot free" I have the book ... this isn't what is said in there ... or anywhere else ... one person, a thirteen year old, one name, J.B. Brosius ... luckily ... more
        • Iím anonymous by accidentRandolph W. Farmer, Thu Dec 13 13:35
          Donít know if you picked up on it - but with Frank Anderson indicted for stealing a horse at the same place and time as J B Brosius getting hoisted up by a large man on horseback and escaping by... more
        • Thank youAnonymous, Thu Dec 13 12:52
          Lots of stuff gets edited out of the finished product due to space considerations. I understand that. For instance, I think I remember some stuff I had in there about Medicine Lodge, Kansas which... more
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