"Texas, by God"
and the
Thank you
Thu Dec 13, 2018 12:52

Lots of stuff gets edited out of the finished product due to space considerations. I understand that.

For instance, I think I remember some stuff I had in there about Medicine Lodge, Kansas which looms more importantly now because of the new reports of Curly Bill in their newspaper in 1895.

I do know that I went thru years of that newspaper on microfilm.
With the advent of digitized newspapers and name searches itís easier to find people now. I just about wore my eyes out going through different microfilms of newspapers from different states and towns.

  • Disassociationgobby git, Thu Dec 13 12:43
    "His detention meant J. B. Brosius got off scot free" I have the book ... this isn't what is said in there ... or anywhere else ... one person, a thirteen year old, one name, J.B. Brosius ... luckily ... more
    • Iím anonymous by accidentRandolph W. Farmer, Thu Dec 13 13:35
      Donít know if you picked up on it - but with Frank Anderson indicted for stealing a horse at the same place and time as J B Brosius getting hoisted up by a large man on horseback and escaping by... more
    • Thank you — Anonymous, Thu Dec 13 12:52
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