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Question for Buckley
Thu Dec 13, 2018 20:16

Do you think that Bramble Ownby could be the "unidentified assistant" written about by author Bob Alexander, which person accompanied Dan Tucker in returning "Russian Bill" to Shakespeare? This was November 1881.
Alexander wrote that this prisoner transport of Tattenborn happened "after stopping for a meal prepared by Anna Ownby."

  • Mrs. Anna Ownby saw that same articleRobert Buckley, Wed Dec 12 15:37
    July, 8 1937 El Paso Times . Judge B.B Ownby’s wife , Anna , responded to that very article Steve . In 1937 , Anna said the Curly Bill caught in the gambling raid wasn’t the same Curly Bill she and... more
    • Question for Buckley — K.t.K., Thu Dec 13 20:16
      • Re: Question for BuckleyRobert Buckley, Thu Dec 13 20:45
        That's my belief kenny . I'm looking for something concrete to confirm that.
    • Re: Mrs. Anna Ownby saw that same articleSteve Gatto, Wed Dec 12 17:08
      I know. They claimed that Curly Bill's true name was William Cutchinstein. I have several Curly Bill articles. The point is that people shouldn't assume that any article with the name Curly Bill is... more
      • Cutchinstein Robert Buckley, Thu Dec 13 18:22
        Cutchinstein is most likely the name Curly Bill gave when he was arrested there . B.B Ownby was a Deputy Sheriff of Grant County , working in Lordsburg at that time . Ownby worked with Dan Tucker... more
        • Re: Cutchinstein Robert Buckley, Thu Dec 13 18:27
          I was going to say that Anna Ownby said his name was Billy Jones and he used the alias Billy Jackson . My last post sent early.
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