"Texas, by God"
and the
Ben, I think we are going
Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:52

to have to use you as the getaway driver in case we have to break James out!


PS - I hope to get caught back up with the board here tomorrow, when I get some free time, after a few days away other than my above post. I see there has been a lot of activity here (both above and below this thread) and I think I am now HOPELESSLY behind. Been spending too much time on Facebook (more on this later) again .

  • Thought maybe james got shot in the leg againBen Harleman, Wed Dec 12 20:00
    ...and got in trouble when the cops came to check what happened. I read this first headline with a little concern and urgency. Glad things are all good. But rest assured, if needed, I'll be glad to... more
    • Ben, I think we are going — David, Fri Dec 14 11:52
      • I'll keep the horses fresh in case we need 'em!Ben Harleman, Fri Dec 14 15:29
        I joined the Facebook page you started, I'm looking forward to perusing things as they get posted. Should be cool. Ben
        • Thanks Ben; glad to haveDavid, Sat Dec 15 18:22
          you there. We already have some amazing collectors and historians as members and sharing their hidden gems/collections with the group. More members joining and participating by the day. I am hoping... more
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