"Texas, by God"
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Randolph W. Farmer
Kenny has been trolling me for 6 years
Fri Dec 14, 2018 20:44

Randolph W. Farmer
Sun Dec 30, 2012 17:05

Why is it that would-be authors and historians such as yourself feel the need to insult those that have differing opinions from yours?

Why do you feel compelled to turn a perfectly legitimate discussion on this forum into an episode of the Morton Downey, Jr. show?

After researching Curly for 8 years, I have formed opinions based on a massive amount of evidence, some of which never made it into the book for practical reasons - space considerations. At a certain point an author must be declarative, and in my opinion Curly Bill did not have that conversation with Wyatt. The fact that there were 3 accounts of a lynch mob has no bearing on whether or not Curly had that conversation with Wyatt. The story just doesn't pass the smell test.

Wyatt wrote an article for the San Franciso Examiner in 1896 in which he identified Curly as a "stage robber" and said that he, Curly, was shooting at him with a Winchester "at a certain spring". Later of course, Wyatt changed the account of the "Battle at Iron Springs" to where Curly had a shotgun. Curly didn't rob a stagecoach - he attacked a personal carriage (ambulance)that was conveying Ben Butler. Many of Wyatt's stories are as Judge Hancock reported - "so ridiculous that it contradicts itself".

It was also said that Brosius deeply resented Wyatt clubbing him from behind - so why would he blab to Wyatt about his infractions outside El Paso? Common sense dictates that someone motivated by revenge would not have been so fond of his captor/"protector."

Lastly - Law enforcment in the Texas Panhandle reported that Wyatt had been attempting to sell "gold bars" to local residents in an obvious scam. I have also read the original documents on Wyatt's so-called "horse theft" case, which in reality was nothing more than a bait-and switch scam. The man was a con artist who hung around movie lots in Hollywood peddling his stories to those who did not know any better.

This is not meant to be Earp-bashing, just a statement of why I chose not to include in my Curly Bill book all the stories about Wyatt Earp. The book is about Curly Bill, not Wyatt. Wyatt's account of his conversation with Curly was just another con job. Based on the man's personal history, which others, like Roy Young, have revealed to include stints as a pimp among other things, his account is not credible...no matter how insulting you choose to be in your response.

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