"Texas, by God"
and the
Randolph W. Farmer
Brave fake cowboy Kenny
Fri Dec 14, 2018 20:57

Still hiding like a little girl aren't you.

  • Can't help myself...K.t.K., Fri Dec 14 20:28
    ...from kicking ass on a lying creator of bogus history.
    • Brave fake cowboy Kenny — Randolph W. Farmer, Fri Dec 14 20:57
      • Watching you sink in real time....K.t.K., Fri Dec 14 21:01
        Ö.is quite pleasurable. I love it.
        • In your tiny little mindRandolph W. Farmer, Fri Dec 14 21:11
          It's proof that you have nothing going on in your life.
          • Unpublished trollRandolph W. Farmer, Fri Dec 14 21:28
            You wrote similar things about David Johnsonís book on John Ringo. Glad to be in his company and not yours. There is nothing about you I envy. Envy is what youíre all about. Done with you for now.
          • ...the despicable con job you thought you could put over to the detriment of the unwary.
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