"Texas, by God"
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Thanks Ben; glad to have
Sat Dec 15, 2018 18:22

you there. We already have some amazing collectors and historians as members and sharing their hidden gems/collections with the group. More members joining and participating by the day. I am hoping that this site will be a place where all of us (collectors, historians, Wild/Old West aficionados, ...) can get to see/share some of the great historic items many have hidden away in our collections and have only shared with our closest friends in the past. It is starting to shape up that way. I really have not advertised it much yet as I would like to start slowly for lack of free time and to get more substantial content up before I put it out there to the general public. All the first people signing up and participating are being designated/labeled as "founding members" (for life); you are now one of those.

I hope you enjoy the site; we have some amazing discussions going on with some well respected collectors and historians and I am getting some great feedback via private messenger. "You ain't seen nothing yet" and the best is yet to come. I have some REALLY COOL items to share that up to this point I have only shown in private to my closest friends - Lee Silva, Mark Dworkin, Don Chaput, Kevin Mulkins, John and Karen Holliday-Tanner, Ben Traywick, . Many others are beginning to do the same.

My Best!


  • I'll keep the horses fresh in case we need 'em!Ben Harleman, Fri Dec 14 15:29
    I joined the Facebook page you started, I'm looking forward to perusing things as they get posted. Should be cool. Ben
    • Thanks Ben; glad to have — David, Sat Dec 15 18:22
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