"Texas, by God"
and the
James Wright
Too true (nm)
Mon Dec 17, 2018 16:11

  • Nobody is a fraudPeter Love, Mon Dec 17 05:15
    Both of you have done much footwork, and for this we readers are grateful. Nobody could be doing it for fame or fortune, but from a genuine interest in and curiosity about the characters, and the... more
    • Re: Nobody is a fraudSteve Gatto, Thu Dec 20 12:43
      Peter, There is a great deal of information in Randy Farmer's book that I find useful. However, in my opinion, the way that he attempts to connect individuals to Curly Bill and then to William A.... more
      • Steve, youButch Badon, Wed Mar 13 21:19
        are on the mark with that analysis. I came to the same conclusion after reading Randy's book complete with footnotes. His connections are "circumstantial" and it is compelling. However, I found there ... more
      • Steve!Richard Lapidus, Tue Dec 25 06:03
        If you would like to use my photo of Tom Harper taken in Tucson, I would be happy to send you a good copy. Just let me know.
        • Richard . . .Steve, Wed Dec 26 08:25
          that would be great. I would like to use your picture of Thomas Harper for the book. You can contact me at stevegatto@hotmail.com.
          • Tom HarperRichard Lapidus, Thu Dec 27 05:57
            Okay, will send message to your email.
      • Steve, "lead on." I too am looking forward to it. (nm)Kevin Mulkins, Fri Dec 21 19:44
      • Look forward to itPeter Love, Fri Dec 21 03:57
        • I am looking David , Fri Dec 21 12:28
          forward to your new/updated book too Steve. We all know what an amazing researcher and honest guy you are. YOUR books are all well researched and not fantasies. After all, we all know the real Curly... more
    • Too true (nm) — James Wright, Mon Dec 17 16:11
      • @ J. WrightRandolph W. Farmer, Mon Dec 17 21:47
        James I sent you a message thru Facebook.
        • More proof against flim flam FarmerK.t.K., Tue Dec 18 08:46
          Rather than use primary source emanating from ground zero (Fort Smith), Farmer seeks out the obscure, finds "Curly Bill Smith" and immediately stamps it as Brosius, or Brocius, can't keep up anymore. ... more
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