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More proof against flim flam Farmer
Tue Dec 18, 2018 08:46

Rather than use primary source emanating from ground zero (Fort Smith), Farmer seeks out the obscure, finds "Curly Bill Smith" and immediately stamps it as Brosius, or Brocius, can't keep up anymore.
The crystal clear accounting actually hit the A.P. Wire, which equates to newspapers all over the American continent, but flim flam Farmer can't find a one.

Not only did Ike Rogers (wearing the Deputy Marshal badge in the famous photo) explain about who all were involved with the handling of Cherokee Bill after he was arrested - as KtK posted - so did Dep. U. S. Marshal W. C. Smith when interviewed at Fort Smith, subsequently sent out on the A.P. Wire:

Deputy United States Marshal Smith Tells how the Famous Desperado.....
"Smith is a man of medium size, with brown hair and mustache, and the grey eyes that men of nerve and sure aim have. He is quiet and modest in manner and speech. "As a matter of fact," said Mr. Smith to a reporter for the Republic yesterday, "Cherokee Bill was captured by a negro [Ike Rogers] who was in my employ. Bill was at this negro's house, near Nowata, I. T. Another negro [Clint Scales] lived with them. Bill, you know, is part negro, part Mexican and part Indian..."
[St. Louis Republic - Feb. 1, 1895]

The Republic issue of January 31 under "CHEROKEE BILL CAPTURED - Special to The Republic. Wagonner, I. T." those who escorted C. B. to Fort Smith after Rogers and Scales brought Bill to Nowata were enumerated.

"There they turned the outlaw over to Deputy Marshals Will Smith, Heck Brunner and Ed Jackson.....A crowd of several hundred had assembled at the depot to get a glimpse of the bandit.....He is a young man, about 22 years old, broad- faced, heavy set, about 5 feet 8 inches tall...."

The only other "Smith" remotely involved at Fort Smith was Assistant District Attorney Edgar Smith, no relation to Will Smith.

And to think that six years ago Flim Flam condescended and absolutely disrespected the likes of superior researchers Peter Brand, Paul Cool, Steve Gatto and Tom Gaumer, just to name a few.

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