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Steve Gatto
Re: Nobody is a fraud
Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:43


There is a great deal of information in Randy Farmer's book that I find useful. However, in my opinion, the way that he attempts to connect individuals to Curly Bill and then to William A. Brosius leaves a lot to be desired from a research point of view. I have found issues with many of these connections after reviewing them. While William A. Brosius may someday be proven to be Curly Bill, I do not believe that Randy has made his case for William A. Brosius being Curly Bill at all. Further, I am somewhat taken aback by Randy's proclamation that I (or us in the field) must prove that William A. Brosius is not Curly Bill rather than the more conventional method that the person making the assertion has the burden of proof to show it is correct.

Since we really have no firm evidence that Curly Bill's true name was actually Brocius or Brosius, simply pointing to William A. Brosius because he is in Texas and stating that he was Curly Bill, to me, isn't enough. In addition, I have found over the years that when people have to jump through hoops or need to explain away discrepancies for evidence that does not quite fit their argument, that there is cause to be cautious when accepting that person's conclusions. Besides the fact that no firm evidence has been presented that William A. Brosius was Curly Bill, the two issues that cause me to tread slowly in accepting that he was Curly Bill are the 1880 Census where he is identified as "Allie" living with him mom in Texas and the letter from Thomas Harper that states his name is William H. Brocius. From what I can tell, Curly Bill was running wild long before his arrest, conviction and escape in Texas during 1878. I simply have a hard time believing that this hard case afterwards dutifully went home in time to live with his mommy in 1880. Second, the fact that his middle initial is "A" not "H" causes some concern for me as well. Of course, neither of these discrepancies is definitive proof that his was not Curly Bill, but in order to maintain that he was Curly Bill, Farmer must explain them away.

I am currently working on some leads trying to connect at least one individual to Curly Bill pre-1878 and if I am successful I believe that the connection will definitively "take out" both William A. Brosius and William H. Graham as being candidates for being Curly Bill Brocius once and for all. If not, I have already begun preparing my Curly Bill book for republishing with additional information that will also show why William H. Graham was not Curly Bill and why there is no proof that William A. Brosius was Curly Bill as of today. I am hoping to send it to a publisher around June and hopefully it will be republished by October 2020.

  • Nobody is a fraudPeter Love, Mon Dec 17 05:15
    Both of you have done much footwork, and for this we readers are grateful. Nobody could be doing it for fame or fortune, but from a genuine interest in and curiosity about the characters, and the... more
    • Re: Nobody is a fraud — Steve Gatto, Thu Dec 20 12:43
      • Steve, youButch Badon, Wed Mar 13 21:19
        are on the mark with that analysis. I came to the same conclusion after reading Randy's book complete with footnotes. His connections are "circumstantial" and it is compelling. However, I found there ... more
      • Steve!Richard Lapidus, Tue Dec 25 06:03
        If you would like to use my photo of Tom Harper taken in Tucson, I would be happy to send you a good copy. Just let me know.
        • Richard . . .Steve, Wed Dec 26 08:25
          that would be great. I would like to use your picture of Thomas Harper for the book. You can contact me at stevegatto@hotmail.com.
          • Tom HarperRichard Lapidus, Thu Dec 27 05:57
            Okay, will send message to your email.
      • Steve, "lead on." I too am looking forward to it. (nm)Kevin Mulkins, Fri Dec 21 19:44
      • Look forward to itPeter Love, Fri Dec 21 03:57
        • I am looking David , Fri Dec 21 12:28
          forward to your new/updated book too Steve. We all know what an amazing researcher and honest guy you are. YOUR books are all well researched and not fantasies. After all, we all know the real Curly... more
    • Too true (nm)James Wright, Mon Dec 17 16:11
      • @ J. WrightRandolph W. Farmer, Mon Dec 17 21:47
        James I sent you a message thru Facebook.
        • More proof against flim flam FarmerK.t.K., Tue Dec 18 08:46
          Rather than use primary source emanating from ground zero (Fort Smith), Farmer seeks out the obscure, finds "Curly Bill Smith" and immediately stamps it as Brosius, or Brocius, can't keep up anymore. ... more
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