"Texas, by God"
and the
Martha Fanning
East Texas Cherokee Settlers
Sat Dec 22, 2018 10:45

The Cherokees had a tradition that when tribesmen disagreed with the majority on serious matters they were allowed to leave the tribe in peace. In 1721 such a group of Cherokees moved west to the Rocky mountains where they lost contact with their eastern kinsmen. Almost 100 years later Cherokees began appearing in the Neutral Zone and by 1820 they moved into Spanish held Texas. Among the names of the east Texas Cherokee settlers were Duwali, (aka Colonel Bowls) Gatunwali, Fields, Bowls, Bowles, Boles, Brown, Chicken Trotter, Corn Tassel, The Egg, Harris, Harlin, Cuktokeh Jolly, Kanati (Long Turkey), Nekolake, Oosoota, Piggion, Saulowee (Tsulawi), Tahchee, Talontuskee, Talihina (Mrs. Sam Houston), Toquo (Turkey), and many others. 54 Dr. Kennedy has identified Duwali as a Turkish word meaning "great leader. The Cherokee Duwali was a chief among the east Texas Cherokees.
54. Dianna Everett, The Texas Cherokees: A People Between Two Fires , 1819-1840, (Norman: Oklahoma University Press, 1990).


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