"Texas, by God"
and the
Randolph W. Farmer
for Robert Buckley
Tue Jan 8, 2019 13:12

Happy New Year first of all. Now it's time for a discussion.

Last month you wrote, "Oscar Halsell's brother, Harry H. Halsell would go on to write several books in his life. In those books he wrote about the only man that was ever said to be Curly Bill."

Are you related to the Halsell family by any chance? Like many "cattle kings" they intermarried within their social circle of other "cattle kings". I ask this because I don't want to offend you personally. I know a few things about the Halsell family that you may not know.

I read H. H. Halsell's autobiography a long time ago for research purposes and discarded it as a source. I've recently re-visited his autobiography as well as another book he wrote late in life - COWBOYS AND CATTLEMEN.

Of Halsell's published books I note that 2 of them are listed as fiction, and one as poetry. One would think his autobiography, written at the end of his life when he was old enough to speak without a filter, would be closer to the truth. In his mid to late 80's here is all he had to say about Bill Graham, who you contend was Curly Bill:

"There were two cowboys I watched and studied their dispositions and ways. These were two brothers, Bill and George Graham. Bill was a good singer, carefree and jolly. He was also a heavy drinker of whiskey. Around the campfires at night the men would give Bill whiskey and get him to sing. The other brother was just the opposite. He was a quiet man, and I noticed he was often reading when he could find anything to read. In studying these two characters I decided I would not follow Bill's ways, but at least would follow one of George's ways, read all I could ind to read and let whiskey alone." [sic]

Is that your evidence?

I will revisit Halsell's other, earlier books. Hopefully they will be non-fiction, although I found one glaring falsehood in COWBOYS AND CATTLELAND.

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