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Question for Mel Graf or any James gang buff
Sun Feb 10, 2019 14:18

Having ventured out of my normal field I was taking a hard look at the James' gang train robbery at Adair, Iowa. July 1873. Looking through every primary source I could find, it appears there may have been 11 participants, who, upon getting away, were thought to have split into two groups of 5 and 6 each.

Do you think it feasible that Jake Blunt (Blount) could have been there? In is 1886 obit in Leadville, it was stated that he had run with the James & Younger gang.

    • Who Were Those Masked Men, Daddy?gobs, Tue Feb 12 11:33
      "As an act of defiance against President Grant's use of the Enforcement Acts to quell the activities of the KKK, the gang wore Klan masks" Kenny ... I can't answer it ... with the remnants of the Old ... more
      • "green hands" K.t.K., Wed Feb 13 06:11
        Thanks Gob. Yes I am actually interested in two candidates - the other being Manson T. "Jack" Lobb. He was described by someone with whom Lobb had many run-ins, as having been "associated with the... more
        • The very man ...gobs, Wed Feb 13 13:03
          "after the 1881 Blue Cut train robbery, ten "gang members" were initially arrested, then eventually released" Kenny ... the authorities made an even bigger deal out of proving the ten suspects [and... more
          • Re: The very man ...K.t.K., Wed Feb 13 16:51
            The four Blount brother's ages are ascertained from 1860 Census (Fort Scott, Ks,) and the 1870 Census (Granby, Newton, Mo.) What is known about their collective movements through the 1870s seems to... more
            • Blount and the James GangPeter Brand, Sat Mar 9 00:10
              The Leadville newspapers had Jake confused with his older brother, Allen "Bud" Blount. It was Bud Blount who was thought to have ridden with the James Gang via his friendship with Hobbs Kerry. PB
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