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On this day 1875
Sun Apr 28, 2019 16:27

St. Louis bartender and bouncer Morgan Earp coughed up $800 in bail money after being arrested for grand larceny and jailed at the Chestnut Station.
Next day back at work at Anderson's Dancehall [plus saloon & brothel], Earp found out one of the female inmates - Anna Dennison - was found dead upstairs in her bed, age 19.

    • Morgan in St. Louis?Ben Harleman, Mon Apr 29 00:33
      When I read that, I didn't think it sounded right. Not that I was doubting you, of course, but just trying to reconcile what was in my head. But then I realized I didn't really have a clue where he... more
      • Re: Morgan in St. Louis?K.t.K., Mon Apr 29 04:59
        At the time of this particular arrest Morgan Earp had just turned 24 and had been in St. Louis for about a year. I speculate he was referred there from Wichita by the Lowes (Rowdy Kate, Rowdy Joe) or ... more
        • Re: Morgan in St. Louis?Steve Gatto, Tue Apr 30 15:22
          Jim Anderson's Almond Dance Hall at the corner of 3rd and Almond was a virtual epicenter for the red-light district of bagnios on Almond Street where shootings, stabbings, assaults, and robberies... more
          • Peoria was like kindergarten in comparison. And after Jim Anderson was convicted on a felony and sent up on a two-year sentence, Earp stepped up to the plate to help Liddie Anderson run the joint for ... more
            • There is no doubt that the situation in Saint Louis was much larger in scope compared to what occurred in Peoria. Of course, Saint Louis had roughly a population of 350,000 in 1870 and Peoria only... more
              • Fuly understandK.t.K., Wed May 1 15:21
                When Morg was there the population of St. Louis was officially 490,000, not according to Census, but rather the official City Directory. As of January 1, 1874 registered houses of ill fame totaled... more
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