"Texas, by God"
and the
Kevin Mulkins
Lynn, as always excellent information! (nm)
Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:48

  • Galeyville GenesisLynn R. Bailey, Mon Apr 29 11:44
    Joseph W. Clark of San Jose, California, had mined in the Bradshaw Mountains as early as 1877. He owned the Robert E. Lee Mine in the Turkey Creek District and the south extension of the Couger Mine... more
    • Enlightening Peter Love, Thu May 2 03:55
      Lynn That’s great. So this is the John Jee that wrote that article in the UK paper. This shows it was not simply a tall “Travellers Tale” as speculated.
      • Speculative? gobs, Fri May 3 09:59
        Ben, Robert and I agreed on the other forum ... I assume Lynn concurred ... this was "unbiased, level and objective" reporting by a "local" Welshman ... but humoro[u]s at the same time ... maybe he... more
      • More John Jee . . .Lynn R. Bailey, Thu May 2 09:32
        Peter: Jee was also responsible for stringing the telegraph line between Galeyville and Fort Bowie. The line went from ranch to ranch up the San Simon Valley. That feat saved the life of William... more
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