"Texas, by God"
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Jerry Prather
Better now than later, I guess
Tue Apr 30, 2019 16:34


I just clicked in to join the group. Like some, I thought of waiting until the number I liked would become available. However, 666 looks like it's too far down the road. Therefore I have decided today is a good day to take the plunge.


  • Doc Holliday's personal Faro CasekeeperDavid, Wed Apr 24 16:00
    PS - from the first post on the new Wild West Collectors site dated 12/9/2018: ""Item number 1: John Henry "Doc" Holliday’s (early 1870’s) personal Faro Casekeeper. Provenance, from Docs great... more
    • Better now than later, I guess — Jerry Prather, Tue Apr 30 16:34
      • Thanks for joining WWC Jerry!David, Wed May 1 11:25
        Very happy to now have you there with us all on the "Wild West Collectors" Facebook page. You were #512; just missed # 500, for which Kenny would have offered you a small fortune, and all his... more
        • #666. He's too righteous for such a number, but I should qualify just fine. k
          • Indeed you would #399!David, Thu May 2 12:17
            - "qualify just fine" - lol. Best, David PS - I was thinking of giving you a heads up about getting Hart to join us so she could become #500 and forever have bragging rights in your family, but I... more
        • Glad I didn't waitJerry, Wed May 1 11:40
          David, I have already spent a couple of hours visiting the site. I've only seen a small portion, but it's easy to see people have sent in many great items. Thanks for all your hard work creating it.... more
          • I am very glad you areDavid, Thu May 2 12:49
            now there with us all too Jerry (aka #512). I think you are doing it just the right way. We have had so many great Wild West collectors posting their amazing collections in the last 4 months that I... more
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