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When Morg was there the population of St. Louis was officially 490,000, not according to Census, but rather the official City Directory.

As of January 1, 1874 registered houses of ill fame totaled 119.
Houses of Assignation registered with a total of 16.
No telling how many actual houses unregistered.
Total registered prostitutes numbered 766, but with an estimated actual total of 2,000. This info comes from the March 20, 1872 report saying that "some 2,000 of the St. Louis "priestesses" paid into the city coffer during the previous twenty months about $80,000, or $4,000 per month..."

In St. Louis Kate Haroney Fisher had been connected to the house of Mollie Hays. One particular year Mollie Hays was located at 303 Almond. I found Kate arrested in 1873.

The Anderson clan had three different locations, Gust Anderson being the patriarch, located at 501 S. 4th, which is 4th and Almond. Sarah Anderson was the listed "keeper" there. Additionally Gust had a "ranche" at 717 Lucas Ave.

Interestingly, just down the street from Morg and Lydia was the Black Crook Saloon, on Fourth between Almond and Poplar. In 1873 one Cassius M. Clay committed a double homicide in there.

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