"Texas, by God"
and the
I am very glad you are
Thu May 2, 2019 12:49

now there with us all too Jerry (aka #512).

I think you are doing it just the right way. We have had so many great Wild West collectors posting their amazing collections in the last 4 months that I think it is best for all new members to just scroll back to the very beginning to go through everything quickly so you don't miss out on anything (please explain that to #399 for me) that is already there, and get up to speed and a feel for the site.

Also, I have already done 27 member profiles (including Gary Mc and #399) to introduce to everyone there some of the amazing ("fellow sophisticates" including Peter Sherayko; "Texas Jack" from the movie Tombstone) people (Wild West brainpower) we have with us on the site. The most recent introduction was Professor Paul Hutton 2 days ago. You may want to check those out. I still have about 30 member profiles left to do, which I will get to in the coming months. Next up will be John Boessenecker, within the next few weeks, shortly after I share 3 more cool items (2 Earp related) from my own collection.

Please stay tuned.



  • Glad I didn't waitJerry, Wed May 1 11:40
    David, I have already spent a couple of hours visiting the site. I've only seen a small portion, but it's easy to see people have sent in many great items. Thanks for all your hard work creating it.... more
    • I am very glad you are — David, Thu May 2 12:49
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