"Texas, by God"
and the
The Andersons were connected.
Mon May 6, 2019 06:16

I found two, from different St. Louis addresses, together in Kansas. I figured they were recruiting girls, and I finally learned about a networking for such vice between cities. "Agents," also called "demi-reps" were very active in this regard. The Anderson duo I mention were about two hours by train from Wichita, where Rowdy Kate and Rowdy Joe Lowe were located; they being connected with St. Louis and Kansas City. In fact Rowdy Kate followed Joe over to St. Louis after he fled Wichita on the murder rap.
You were looking in the right place for Wyatt, because he no doubt knew exactly where Morg was working with the Andersons.

Besides the addresses you mentioned, Gust. Anderson was at 4th and Almond in 1872, when Chicago detectives showed up at his dance house and arrested Edward J. Davis, escaped from House of Corrections in Chicago. Davis was bartending for Augustus Anderson, the latter was also from Chicago. Not to mention Roger Plant, one of the more interesting vice dealers in St. Louis when Morgan Earp was running girls with Liddie.

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