"Texas, by God"
and the
Baker addendum
Mon May 6, 2019 16:48

Now I found the remainder of your post, which was to me, dated [Bob Cash - 11/10/2009]

I can post it if you want to see how you used to talk when you were young.

  • I saved what you posted.K.t.K., Mon May 6 16:12
    Try to remember Cash, that you've always been like E. F. Hutton to me. From one of my six different files on "Black Hills" or "Deadwood," does this sound like you? "This article was from the January... more
    • Baker addendum — K.t.K., Mon May 6 16:48
      • Please do, young man. (nm)Bob Cash, Mon May 6 20:13
        • conclusionK.t.K., Mon May 6 20:42
          "The father is not named in the article. If he in fact, knew Wild Bill in Deadwood he might be one of the Bakers that you have listed as being there early on. One thing I didn't mention in my post... more
          • Re: conclusionBob Cash, Mon May 6 20:45
            I wrote a lot gooder back then.
            • Actually it was good.K.t.K., Mon May 6 21:06
              Then again, you've always been able to out reason everybody. The hard part is when you won't agree with me.
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